J.L. & Barbara Barnett invited us to spend part of Labor Day with them and it was an incredibly fun time! Kim and I woke up tired this morning but talked about how wonderful yesterday was.

We started off at the Barnett’s house as Zach, Sean, Joseph, Codey Powell, & Emily Oliver enjoyed time in the pool. Emily, Sean’s girlfriend, is actively involved with volleyball and had an event she needed to be at so she had to leave early. But Dani Whitaker, Zach’s girlfriend, showed up as we headed off to Kentucky Lake.

J.L. & Barbara have a pontoon boat and a jet ski – both of which stayed busy the rest of the day!

J.L. is letting me drive his pontoon boat … while I’m taking a picture of him.
Here’s Barbara and Kim.
Sean couldn’t stop smiling.
Zach is having some fun!
Dani said that she had never jet-skied before but I don’t believe it.
Codey only knew one speed – wide open!
Yep. That’s me on the jet-ski.
If you look to the right of the trail that the pontoon boat was leaving behind, you’ll see me on the jet-ski kicking up some spray. There were boats out on the water but we still essentially had the whole lake to ourselves.
Here’s Kim and Codey. He’s a Murray State student that we’ve essentially adopted.
J.L. is showing Joseph how to operate a jet ski.
Joseph is a quick learner!
Zach and Dani took turns at the wheel.

After spending quite a few hours on the water, we all enjoyed a seafood dinner at Cypress Springs.

Yep, we’re tired! But, yesterday was a day full of events that will be fun to remember in years to come. We’re so thankful that the Barnett’s made it possible!