8BEECBA3-4B2B-4111-A0CB-E09540F326D3On July 9 of this year, Kim and I went for our first “Weigh-In” at one of the Weight Watchers locations in Lakeland. We have both, in the past 3 years, allowed our weight to get out of control. Convinced that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), we wanted to begin taking better care of our bodies.

I’m writing this update in hopes that something I say might encourage others to take better care of their bodies, too.

What I can eat on the WW program 

There are a lot of diets out there that work. But, I’m convinced that just because something works doesn’t mean its healthy.

I’ve engaged in plenty of unhealthy diets and lost weight. But, as I get older, I realize that there are other problems that are arising in my aging body that also need to be addressed. I am convinced that many of them can be helped by a proper diet.

That’s why we chose the Weight Watchers program.

Essentially, I can eat anything I want so long as I log everything that I put in my mouth. I am currently allowed 33 points a day (determined by gender and weight) with 42 extra points that I can use any time during the week. But, once those points run out, my eating needs to stop.

I always got confused (I’m easily confused) with diets that say you can “eat this” but you “can’t eat that.” With WW, you can eat anything but you quickly realize that fatty foods, sugary foods, and highly processed foods will run your points up quickly. If you eat fruits and vegetables and chicken (within reason), they will cost you “0” points. Most other reasonably healthy foods have a fair number value attached to them.

Benefits I’ve observed so far

I have noticed that my body has responded positively to this new eating program. Since I’m eating better (and less), I have noticed some benefits to this journey.

My cholesterol has gone down about 20 points (checked about 1 week after beginning WW).

I don’t have to take acid reflux medicine anymore. A month ago, it was pretty common for me to burp and it felt like acid was eating my esophagus if I didn’t take my doctor-prescribed medicine. Now, I had the medicine refilled recently but I’ve only taken it 2-3 times in the past 2 weeks. No more acid!

I’m not binge eating anymore. Stress was really getting to me (you’ll see that in a graph I provide below). I was getting to the point that I was eating even when I was stuffed. Much of that was stress-induced but it also had to do with the kinds of carbohydrate-rich / highly-processed foods I was eating. But now, since I’m eating better, I still get hungry but I never gorge anymore (not a single time since I got on the WW program).

My body is able to rest and perform other functions now that it doesn’t have to focus so much of its attention on what I put in my stomach. One tangible evidence of this is my resting heart rate. Look at what it’s done since I got on the WW program (the highest point on the following graph).


These are only the observable benefits. I suspect that there are many other benefits (short-term and long-term) that my body is experiencing because of my changed eating habits.

My weight loss so far

I don’t put much stock into the weight loss that WW claims that I have experienced. Why? Because I did a dumb guy-thing before my first weigh-in and gorged that day. So, when I weighed in the second week and experienced a 10 lbs weight loss, I realized that it had been artificially inflated.

Fortunately, I have had a habit of weighing in and logging my weight for the past 3 1/2 years. I purchased my Fitbit in December 2015 and have been logging ever since.

In the following graph, you’ll see that as soon as I bought the Fitbit, I worked to lose some weight. But, the stress of 2016 and beyond was just too much and I was fighting a losing battle. For 3 years, my weight continued to increase in spite of some momentary short-lived diets.


As you look to the right of the line graph, you can see my current weight loss. Between WW and and a revived exercise program (running/walking/biking), the weight is coming off! I’ve lost 13.2 lbs in the past 3 weeks since I started WW.


So many people are overweight! And I’m one of them!

I’ve realized that its not necessarily because of a lack of discipline. It’s the 21st century American sedentary lifestyle and the highly-processed, artificially inflated carb foods that we put in our mouths.

My journey has just started and I realize that it will take time to show that I’m in it to win it this time. I’m looking forward to future updates when my weight loss will be much more impressive than it is right now. I can’t wait to identify even more benefits of this journey.

If you want to take back control of your body, God’s Temple, then Kim or I would be glad to help you do it. We’re only 3 weeks into our journey but we’re convinced we’ve found a safe, effective way to get our bodies back in shape. We’d be glad to help if you contact us.