4 Minute Read + Scripture readings


2 Chronicles 32:1–33:13
Romans 15:23–16:9
Psalm 25:16-22
Proverbs 20:16-18


2 Chronicles 32:31 (CSB) “When the ambassadors of Babylon’s rulers were sent to him to inquire about the miraculous sign that happened in the land, God left him to test him and discover what was in his heart.”


Our Verse for Today is one that causes us to pause and reflect. In reality, it slams on the brakes and demands our attention as we travel through God’s Word.

“… God left him to test him and discover what was in his heart.”

Not only was there an immense amount of pressure and stress on King Hezekiah as he led the people of Judah, there were also flash points. Namely, powerful armies periodically came to attack Judah and enslave the people who remained alive.

Hezekiah must have known that his life and success often hung by a thread. Any momentary event could radically change the status quo. And so he must have recognized his need of God’s protection. He needed God to be present at all times.

Yet, we are told in our Verse for Today that “God left him to test him and discover what was in his heart.”

“God left him!”

This doesn’t sound fair, does it? How could God leave a man who so desperately needed Him?

Here’s the simple principle: A teacher is always the quietest during test time.

Much of a teacher’s time is spent pouring into his or her students. They teach and teach and teach. Yet, there comes a time when the student’s knowledge is tested and the teacher becomes silent.

This is what God did to Hezekiah. He went silent to see what was going on in Hezekiah’s heart.


Friend, do you ever feel like Heaven has grown silent? Does God feel like He is a million miles away? Have you done some prayerful reflection and come to the conclusion that you are “confessed up” so the silence isn’t due to sin?

Then, it may be that you are in a time of testing and the Divine Teacher has grown silent for that purpose. He wants to see what is in your heart.

Let me conclude by giving you a ‘cheat sheet’ for times of testing:

  • Continue digging into God’s Word to hear from Him. But, don’t just skim your Bible. Study it! Look for truths that can encourage you, or instruct you, or rebuke you.
  • Resolve even more to submit to God’s authority over your life. Make the necessary adjustments to conform to the image of Jesus (obedience to His Word), and repent of any failure to do so.
  • Allow the silence to fuel your prayer life so that you are spending much more time seeking God in private.
  • Don’t become exasperated. Realize that times of testing have a start point and an end point. Times of refreshing just might be right around the corner.

So, hold on, friend. If God seems as if He has grown silent, it may be that He is testing your heart. That’s always a good thing because it means that your God is committed to your growth and development. He loves you.

So, don’t lose hope. Find courage in the silence.