3 Minute Read + Scripture readings


Zephaniah 1:1–3:20
Revelation 10:1-11
Psalm 138:1-8
Proverbs 30:11-14


Psalm 138:6 (CSB): “Though the LORD is exalted, he takes note of the humble; but he knows the haughty from a distance.”


The God that the Jesus-follower serves is very unique. He oftentimes does not behave in the way that we suspect that He should.

Our Verse for Today is a case in point.

It begins by saying that “the Lord is exalted,” or in other words, He is superior to everything and everyone. He is exalted and above everything else in worth.

So, we would suspect that since He is so superior to anything or anyone, that He would never associate with those below Him. Yet, the verse continues: “he takes note of the humble.” He listens to and values those who are humble. They grab His attention.

Our Verse finishes with: “but he knows the haughty from a distance.” That means that He has no relationship with them. In no sense is He close to them.

When we read this verse, we are learning about one of the attributes of God that is repeated over and over in the Bible. God demonstrates His goodness and glory by humbling himself on our behalf.

But, when we look at God and learn what He is like, it is never simply for the purpose of gaining more knowledge. It is ultimately for the purpose of life-change. Simply put, since God regularly humbles himself and delights in those who are humble, we should humble ourselves before Him and others.

So, are you humble? If not, ask God to make you more like Him.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash