8 Minute Read + Scripture readings

Today’s Bible Reading:

Numbers 22
Psalms 62-63
Isaiah 11-12
James 5

Today’s Bible Verse(s):

“Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before him. God is our refuge.”
Psalm 62:8 (CSB)

Reflections on Today’s Bible Verse(s):

I love the truths that are in Psalm 62:8! Let’s briefly go over each of them.

Psalm 62:8 (CSB): “Trust in him at all times, you people …”

There are three words in the Bible that have meanings that overlap. Those words are “faith,” “believe,” and “trust.”

Out of all three of those words, I like “trust” the most.

Twenty-first century American Christianity has turned “faith” into the mental labor of believing a certain truth. When we say, “You’ve gotta have faith,” we’re talking about something that is almost solely focused on what we believe in our mind.

We’ve also turned “believe” into a mental acceptance of certain truth. If we say, “You’ve gotta believe,” we’re once again referring to a behavior that almost solely takes place in the mind.

Yet, when we speak about “trust,” it means much more. When we say, “You’ve gotta trust,” we mean that someone has to believe certain things (or persons) but that they will experience comfort and peace as a result.

If a parent took their child into the deep end of the pool and their child couldn’t swim, their child would be terrified. He may yell and struggle. But, the parent may say, “Son, trust me. I’m not going to let you get hurt.” If the child truly trusts, then he will be free to experience peace even though the circumstance hasn’t changed.

So, when our text says to “trust in the Lord at all times,” it calls us to find comfort and peace for our souls by resting in His care for us. It’s a beautiful truth!

Psalm 62:8 (CSB): “… pour out your hearts before him…”

This part of the verse means exactly what it says. The Lord doesn’t simply want us to say things in prayer that we think He will appove of. Instead, He wants us to say what’s on our hearts. He wants us to “pour out our hearts before Him.”

What does that look like? What things should we share? What things can we share? What if we are feeling a way that we are ashamed to admit to God?

Friend, just read the book of Psalms. You might be surprised at some of the things that the Psalmists said to the Lord. God doesn’t want us to be disrespectful but He does want us to be honest and transparent with Him.

Just tell Him what’s going on in your heart. Just pour it all out before Him. Tell Him everything.

Psalm 62:8 (CSB): “… God is our refuge.”

The fact that the Psalmist said that “God is our refuge” means that the Lord is the protector. He is the one to whom we run and hide, especially when things get bad.

But, what does that mean? How can we find refuge in Him?

It means that we realize that absolutely nothing can happen to us unless He wills it or allows it. It means that we run to Him in passionate prayer when bad things happen. It means that He may answer our prayers and bring the tragedy to an end quickly. It means that we rest in His love for us and His promise to work all things for our good even if He allows the tragedy to continue.

Psalm 62:8 (CSB): “Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before him. God is our refuge.”

Friend, is life tough for you right now? It is certainly hard for millions and millions of people in our world as a virus and a world-wide response has essentially brought many of our world’s economy’s to a close.

I pray that you have a good family that you can rely upon. I hope that you are a member of a church that is helping each other through this. But, I also pray that you understand that the Lord desires for you to trust Him, pour out your heart to Him, and find refuge in Him. This is where what we believe gets put into practice.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lord Jesus, help me to realize that embracing the Gospel isn’t simply a ticket to Heaven. It is an invitation into a relationship with You. It plays out in very real ways, particuarly as I go through some tough times. Help me to experience the truths in the verse we have looked at today. Amen.

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash