Regardless of whatever changes are made in our culture, there are sinners on this side and there will be sinners on the other side of change.

The fix that our culture desperately needs is the Gospel. When people submit to King Jesus and obey Him instantly and completely, then we’ll see incredible change because the Gospel doesn’t simply change behavior – it changes hearts.

But we’ve got to remember that proclaiming the Gospel isn’t the government’s job. It’s the church’s job. We, my Christian friends, are called to be the salt (that slows down moral decay) and light (that pushes back moral darkness), and our weapon is the Gospel.

I’ve recently started listening to Promise Keepers music again. I attended the Promise Keepers rally in October 1997 (as I’m sure many of you did) when an estimated 1 million men descended on the National Mall to worship our God. Men of all colors were in the crowd and on the stage. Men and women in blue must have been bored because I don’t think a single thing was painted, broken, or in anyway harmed.

Promise Keepers Rally (Washington D.C. / 1997)

The Gospel can bring us together like absolutely nothing else can! Christian, don’t throw your hands up in despair. You have the remedy to the world’s problems. Share the Good News of Jesus Christ, that Jesus died to pay the sin debt of every single person who will trust in Him and submit to His authority over their life. Only then is there hope of any positive, lasting, substantive change.

Morris Chapman was the lead singer for Promise Keepers (at least for the time I attended). I love the Reconciliation Song! May it be true of our generation.