Notes for the August 4th episode of the “Enjoying the Bible” podcast.


Welcome to the August 4th episode of the “Enjoying the Bible” podcast. I’m Matt Ellis, and I’m the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Polk City, Florida.

Today’s reading is Psalm 66-67 and Romans 7, but we will focus only on the New Testament in this podcast.

If you have questions about anything in the Old Testament or New Testament reading assignment, please email me at I may answer it on the next podcast.

Romans 7

2 Peter 3:15-16 applies at least to this chapter. “… our dear brother Paul has written to you … He speaks about these things in all his letters. There are some things hard to understand in them…”

Vss. 1-6 – Freed from the Law

  • Vs. 1 – the law only holds authority over living people
  • Vs. 2-3 – Example: law of marriage only applies as long as husband and wife are both alive.
  • Vs. 4 – doesn’t mean we don’t obey the law; it just means that the law has lost its power to condemn us as law-breakers
  • Vs. 5 – as unbelievers, the law enticed us to do what was forbidden and then condemned us.
  • Vs. 6 – we no longer have to fear condemnation; we are free to serve w/o fear and guilt.

Vss. 7-13 – The Law is good

  • Vs. 7 – the Law isn’t bad. It informed us of what God commanded and forbid.
  • Vs. 8 – The Law’s specific commandment gives our sin specificity.
  • Vs. 9-11 – The experience of the above truths: as a child, Paul was “alive” and didn’t experience his guilt; then the Holy Spirit used the Law to convict him and he “died.”
  • Vs. 12-13 – The Law is good because it shows us what God requires, brings us to our knees, and points us to the cross.

Vss. 14-24 – The battle between the spirit and the flesh

  • Vs. 14 – the Law is “spirit,” having been given by God who is Spirit; we are fleshly, slaves under sin’s power.
  • Vs. 15 – What I desire and what I do are often two different things.
  • Vs. 16 – The Law shows its goodness in not merely affirming our fleshly desires.
  • Vs. 17 – As a believer, we are no longer sinners; sin is a separate force within us.
  • Vs. 18 – the flesh (sinful nature) has nothing good about it; desire to do right cannot be acted upon.
  • Vs. 19 – once again (vs. 15), desires and behaviors don’t match up.
  • Vs. 20 – if my desires don’t match my actions, it is because another force (sin) is within me.
  • Vs. 21 – when I want to do right, I’m fighting evil to do it.
  • Vs. 22-23 – my inner self (spirit) wants to obey the Lord but sin in me wages war against that desire.
  • Vs. 24 – in utter frustration, we look for deliverance; but where?

Vss. 25 – Jesus can give victory

  • Vs. 25 – Jesus can bring victory in the battle between the redeemed spirit and the sinful nature.


Lord Jesus, thank You for passages of Scripture like Romans 7. It is so helpful to see that the Apostle Paul, who is so revered by millennia of Christians, struggled with sin just like I do. His desires for holiness and obedience often didn’t match up to what He actually did. Thank You for the comfort this provides me in knowing that I’m not alone as I struggle with sin in my life. But also help me to never give up the fight as I rely upon Your Holy Spirit to enable me to obey You. I pray this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


I hope today’s episode has helped you to understand and enjoy God’s Word so that you can apply it in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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