Have you ever desired a deeper understanding of what you believe as a Christian? Have there been times when the truths of Scripture were questioned and you wished that you could defend the faith? Have you ever desired to be much more competent in sharing your faith with someone who had legitimate questions?

I want to help you meet those three desires by teaching a Systematic Theology course at First Baptist Church of Polk City, Florida. Classes will begin at 7:00 PM on Thursday, August 18. The course will be taught at the college level but there won’t be any tests or grades and no attendance will be taken.

Taking the class will be absolutely free except for purchasing the book. You will need to secure your own copy of “Bible Doctrine: Second Edition” by Wayne Grudem before August 18th when classes begin.

You don’t have to purchase “Bible Doctrine” on Amazon but it is an option.

Classes will be taught on-sight at Polk City First Baptist Church but we will try to make a live-stream available for those who cannot attend class.

You can view and download the course syllabus below. If you plan to attend, please sign up in the church Welcome Center area or call the church office at (863) 984-1384.