So many people were praying for my wife after a 2.4 cm (almost 1″) mass was discovered in her only kidney. Many people were joining me in praying that God would simply, miraculously remove the mass. He did! And here’s how I experienced the story of God’s grace…

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

On Tuesday, February 14, I hopped on a plane in Tampa and headed to Kentucky. A church member had graciously made it possible for me to fly north to attend the Asbury Revival.

Only in passing did Kim let me know that she would have an ultrasound done on her only remaining kidney on this day. It was standard procedure. Kim lost her right kidney to cancer 21 years ago, so she didn’t think anything of it when she received a notification from Watson Clinic that she was scheduled for an ultrasound on this day.

However, it did seem a bit unusual because she didn’t schedule it, and her doctor hadn’t mentioned it in a previous appointment. She showed up as told and got her left kidney checked out. The technicians didn’t say anything to Kim about what they were looking at, but she noticed that they spent much more time than usual looking at her left kidney. Her left side was very sore for the rest of the day, something that didn’t normally happen in all of her previous ultrasounds.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

It was exciting to step onto the campus of Asbury University. It was an incredible experience, and I looked forward to flying back home as I prayed that God would bring revival to the church I pastor.

A picture I took from the balcony
(Hughes Auditorium, Asbury University)

Thursday, February 16, 2023

I hopped on a plane in Louisville, Kentucky, and flew to Houston’s Hobby Airport. Soon, I boarded my plane to Tampa and I was on my way back home.

While on the flight from Houston to Tampa, I connected to the plane’s WiFi and initiated a text with Kim. I simply wanted to let her know that I loved her and couldn’t wait to see her. Little did I realize that she had just heard some really bad news.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Kim had met with her doctor moments before I initiated this text conversation. She was informed of what the ultrasound technicians had spent so much time looking at.

Unfortunately, the WiFi on the plane went down for the next hour after our initial texts. Our very difficult conversation had been dropped unexpectedly, and we couldn’t communicate until my plane neared Tampa.

The lady sitting next to me on the plane looked about my mom’s age, and I noticed she was scanning through a prayer list on her phone. So, I told her what I had just heard and asked if she would put my wife on her prayer list. She graciously agreed to do so.

Kim and I resumed texting when the plane’s WiFi started working again about an hour later. We shared some of our serious concerns and agreed that we needed to trust the Lord in this new journey.

Here’s a picture of the mass that Kim was shown at the doctor’s appointment. You can see the four “plus” signs that measured the mass’s size on the top of Kim’s left kidney.

Next is a picture of the report that gave the medical assessment. This is what Kim was given at her doctor’s appointment. You can see what I circled and then see the diagram to the side where the doctor told Kim they would probably cut the top of her kidney out.

Kim’s doctor told her that the “cystic lesion” wasn’t something to be overly concerned about. However, the “solid lesion” is something that is characteristic of cancer. Given Kim’s medical and cancer history, an MRI would be scheduled to better examine the 2.4 cm mass.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Kim and I didn’t want to keep this from the church. So during the Sunday morning sermon, I told our Polk City First Baptist Church family that a 1” mass had been found in Kim’s kidney and that it may be cancer. Our church family was distraught, very supportive, and started to pray.

Monday, February 20, 2023

The news was getting out, and Kim wanted to make sure that the right information was being shared. So she wrote the following post on Facebook.

I wish that I was able to reach out to everyone of you individually……I am requesting your prayers.

My doctor found a mass in my kidney last week on ultrasound that looks to be cancer. I only have 1 kidney due to losing it to cancer 21 years ago. I’ve also survived breast & colon cancer in 2013. From my earthly perspective it seems that I shouldn’t have to go through this again & I’m honestly pretty terrified.

However, Jesus has already gone before me & is helping me💕. As I was sitting in the oncologist office last week for my annual checkup, my doctor asked me how I got the ultrasound because she didn’t order it. I told her that I’d gotten a notification on my phone the week before, assumed it was for my checkup & just went & did it. She was adamant that she did not order it but that it was an incredibly good thing that I’d had the ultrasound. I told her that it must’ve been God who ordered it…..& my nonchristian doctor said she agreed because she doesn’t know where the orders came from.✨✨✨

It is so encouraging that I am already seeing Jesus work in this for me❤️💕. And now I am also asking Him to remove the mass so I won’t have to have surgery. They cannot biopsy it because of the risk of releasing cancer into my body. So if it shows on MRI like cancer like it showed on ultrasound then I’ll have to have at least part of my kidney removed. I am fortunate that at least the mass is in the top part of the kidney.

Nevertheless I will trust Jesus. As hard as this is, I am looking forward to my faith growing as my need for him increases.💕✨

I have been a Christian & loved Jesus for a long time, since I was 14 years old. He has walked with me through some mighty dark times. I have felt his arms hold me at night as I lay weeping with worry, hold my hand as I reach out for him in the middle of night wanting the reassurance of his presence, & speak verses of encouragement from His Holy Word to my fearful mind. He is good!

If you don’t know Jesus like this, you don’t know what you’re missing. He loves you & it’s not too late.

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! His faithful love endures forever. Who can list the glorious miracles of the Lord? Who can ever praise Him enough?” Psalm 106: 1,2

Why did we share this information rather than keep it private? Again, we wanted to make sure that the information that was being shared was accurate.

But there was another purpose. One of the many reasons we try to live our lives (mostly) as an open book is that I realize that what I say from the pulpit is sometimes not nearly as impactful as what people see in our lives. So we want people to see a flawed couple that loves Jesus living out our faith no matter what God allows into our lives. We hope our flawed yet sincere lives will help others see what it means to live for Jesus in the good times and bad.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Two days after Kim’s post, she texted a picture to me. It was a picture of one of her tooth implants. It had fallen out. Not only was Kim now self-conscious about her appearance, but this would also be an added expense.

While we were trusting in the Lord, we were also battling a bit of anxiety. What else might go wrong? And what was God desiring to teach us in all of this?

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Within a couple of days, we got a surprise visit from our oldest son, who was able to spend a couple of days with us. Our family means everything to us! We love our boys and daughter-in-law. Anytime they can come, it fills our love tank.

We have observed that during many of the dark circumstances of our lives, our God graciously sends people and things our way that gives us hope and encourages our hearts. It doesn’t make the pain and questions go away. But it does give us the peace of knowing that God is watching over us and He loves us dearly.

Monday, February 27, 2023

God knew what He was doing when He scheduled the time of our staff/spouse getaway. For a few days, Kim and I were able to enjoy being away from the rigors of ministry and just enjoying the people I get to work with.

The NAMB conference was intentionally more encouraging this year and exactly what Kim and I needed. Once again, God was watching over us and giving us assurances that no matter how Kim’s medical concerns played out, He was walking through it with us.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

I wrote the following post on Facebook:

Will you pray for my wife, especially for the next couple of days?

For those who don’t know, a 2.4 cm (almost 1 inch) mass was discovered during an ultrasound in Kim’s only kidney 3 weeks ago. She told me as I was flying back after attending the Asbury revival.

We aren’t yet sure if it’s cancer, but the likelihood is very high because Kim’s body has produced multiple types of cancers over the year. She only has one kidney because the other one was taken out in 2002 because of cancer. She has previously had breast cancer and a pre-cancerous mass removed from her colon (2013). She’s also had other pre-cancerous spots removed.

For those who know Kim from a distance, you’ve seen her warm smile and her genuine interest in people. You’ve observed her trust in Jesus despite facing some difficult times. As I have observed her up close, I’m even more aware of the dark trials that she has had to walk through, and I admire her walk with Jesus so much more than anyone else I’ve ever known.

But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t struggle. We are once again going into a time of uncertainty, and she is reminded, once again, that her body keeps producing things that it shouldn’t. So, one of her concerns is that tomorrow’s MRI might show other areas of concern in her body. It’s possible that there might be other masses that haven’t yet been discovered.

So will you pray for my wife? Before tomorrow’s MRI, we have been praying that God would remove the mass in her kidney so that the MRI would observe that there is nothing there. We are also praying that if the mass is still there, it won’t be cancer. But we are trusting the Lord. We are also praying for strength, courage, and wisdom. Will you join us in praying for these things?

Thank you, friends!

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

We were at Watson Clinic at 6:30 AM. This was the day Kim would get answers and an even clearer picture of what was going on inside her body. Kim was called back at 6:45 AM to get the expected MRI.

“Will the MRI show that the mass has disappeared? Or will it show that there are other areas of concern, maybe even more cancer spots?”

We were trusting the Lord. But I’ve discovered that most of the time, trusting Jesus oftentimes occurs while questions are still present. In fact, it feels like a tug-o-war, and doubts will win if you let up on trust.

At 7:19 AM, I wrote the following prayer in my journal:

“Lord Jesus, I suspect that Kim is having the MRI by now. I pray that whatever the MRI discovers would be definitive. I also pray that it would discover that the mass is gone. But if it is not gone, I pray that it is not cancer and certainly pray that there are no other suspicious spots. Please, Lord, hear my prayers and the prayers of so many others for my wife. But through all of this, help us to trust you. I pray in the power and authority of Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Eventually, they finished with Kim, and we headed home. Questions flooded our minds, but we were more quiet and more reflective than usual. Much was weighing on our minds. How was this going to play out?

Sometime around 10:45 AM, I wrote the following in my journal:

Kim received the X-ray and it was clear. But then Kim got the MRI report, something we didn’t expect to receive until tomorrow’s doctor’s visit. It confused us because it was the best case scenario. We just weren’t sure we were reading it right. So, we are cautiously excited about what the doctor will tell us tomorrow morning.

In fact, I’ll let you read what we were looking at:

Unremarkable?! That’s the medical term that’s used to say that things are normal and there is nothing to report! In other words, there was no mass in her left kidney!!!

At 10:45 AM, Kim sent the following text to our children and close family.

Please keep this info between us until I see the doc in the morning but I believe that I got good news.

So I just got MRI results….as I & Dad interpret them there is no mass in my kidney….nothing….✨✨✨

Radiologist said that my kidney looked “unremarkable” & he was looking for a mass…..

2 different people did the ultrasound and it took over 30 minutes & both found 2.4 cm mass in the top of my kidney. I have the document from my doc with the pic & her drawing…..but it’s not there in the MRI.

My other organs are normal except I have tiny cysts in my pancreas that need to be monitored in 6 months or so.

I feel so blessed & thinking that Jesus took it away.✨✨✨

Could this be true?! Had the Lord heard so many prayers and taken the mass away?

On Wednesday evening, I saw the concern in many of our church family’s eyes. People care about Kim, we were all praying for her, and hoped the Lord would hear and heal her.

So as the Wednesday evening prayer service ended, even as Kim and I had agreed not to tell anyone until we heard from the doctor, I swore the folks to secrecy and told them what we thought we saw on the MRI report. I asked them not to say anything since we could have misread the report.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

The following morning, we arrived at Watson Clinic a few minutes after 9 AM. The doctor had read the MRI and X-ray reports and would give her assessment.

As Kim’s doctor came in and began to speak, she simply validated what we had seen on the MRI report the day before. The mass in Kim’s kidney was gone!!! The doctor even pulled up some of the MRI imaging and showed us that Kim’s left kidney had absolutely nothing inside it. God had heard and answered so many prayers for a miracle!!!

After sending a text to our kids and family, Kim wrote a public Facebook post:

The mass is gone!!!
The MRI showed a completely healthy & mass free kidney!!! My other organs looked healthy too.
I believe that this is an incredible answer to prayer.✨

I noticed that 2 different people performed my kidney ultrasound 2/14/23…that one of them was called in the room to assist & they were extremely thorough. The ultrasound of my kidney took more than 30 minutes. A 2.4 cm mass was found & photographed.

My doctor told me 2 days later that there was a mass in my kidney that looked to be solid & very likely kidney cancer again…..That I would be needing surgery & would probably lose the top 1/3 of my kidney.

Yet the MRI clearly showed in multiple pictures yesterday 3/8/23 a beautiful healthy kidney with no mass anywhere.

Jesus healed me!!!! Jesus healed me!!!! Jesus healed me!!! ✨✨✨❤️✨✨✨✨💕✨✨

Thank you for your prayers!! God hears & answers & sometimes He takes our problems away.💕💕

She wrote that text as we were on our way to Winter Haven Christian School. As we arrived, some of the staff had recently read the post, and the news was spreading. So many staff and students were so grateful the Lord had moved miraculously in Kim’s body.

The principal, Mrs. Williams, took Kim to Joseph’s class. She wanted her to let his class know what God had done.

After Kim told them, the students applauded and shouted their excitement. Mrs. Williams called for the class to gather around Kim and express our gratitude to the Lord. One of the students led in prayer as I snapped the following picture.

Soon, Kim and I were in our vehicle headed to south Florida. This trip had been planned for months. Kim needed to take 25 pieces of art from her students to a competition in Hobe Sound. I didn’t want her to go by herself, so I volunteered to go with her (it wasn’t a difficult decision – LOL). Little did I realize when I volunteered a couple of months ago that we would need this two-day getaway to recharge after the emotional roller coaster of the last month.

When we arrived, I took Kim out to one of her favorite restaurants for supper to celebrate. AT&T had sent us a gift card with about $78 on it because they had overcharged us on a previous bill. So as I was using that card to pay for our meal, I commented that our server had been extra attentive, and Kim said: “Let’s empty the card and give him a really good tip.”

As we exited the restaurant, the waiter came out the front door, caught my eye, and with obvious gratitude, said: “Thank you! God bless you, sir!” I expressed my pleasure at giving him the tip, but I thought to myself, “Friend, you have no idea how much God has just blessed us!” It felt so good to experience God’s blessings and then spread the blessings around.

After eating, we made our way to the beach.

The sun was about to say “good night,” so the beach had emptied. As we stood on the shoreline enjoying the waves, Kim sang a song of praise to the Lord.

God is so gracious! He didn’t have to perform a miracle and bless us with times of encouragement, but He did!

There have been plenty of times when God’s grace looked different. At times, God’s grace has shown up to give us the strength and courage to go through some really difficult times that He wouldn’t take away from us. The Lord has taken us through many, many times like that.

But on this occasion, God’s grace took the problem away! And I just wanted to share the story with you.