I wrote an article last week, recounting the miracle that the Lord did in my wife’s body. You can read about how God listened to prayers and healed Kim by clicking here.

There’s one particular picture I took of her as she was looking out to the horizon while standing on a beach on Hutchinson Island. Her heart was filled with awe, gratitude, and worship as she stood there. I’m getting that picture blown up so that I can put it on the wall and remember a specific, powerful moment where God demonstrated His amazing grace!

Kim has just experienced a miraculous healing.
(Hutchinson Island, Florida)

There were a few other pictures and a video that I captured on our trip to south Florida that I thought you might enjoy. Hope you like them.

Our first view of the beach on this trip.
(Hutchinson Island, Florida)
Had to take another picture. It was beautiful.
(Hutchinson Island, Florida)
There’s something about the sight and smell and sound of waves that is so therapeutic.
(Hutchinson Island, Florida)
Just beautiful!
(Hutchinson Island, Florida)

And here’s a video…

One minute of waves. (Hutchinson Island, Florida)
Before leaving the beach and heading back home, we did a quick visit.
(Hobe Sound beach, Florida)