Exodus 34:1-35:9 
Matthew 27:15-31 
Psalm 33:12-22 
Proverbs 9:1-6


Psalm 33:12 “What joy for the nation whose God is the LORD, whose people he has chosen as his inheritance.” 


A heart that is hungry to enjoy its God will find its curiosity peeked in these chapters. 

In Exodus, we see a man who craved in his innermost being to experience God’s glory (see Exodus 33:18). In the very next chapter, we learn that Moses was (temporarily) changed by the experience.

Notice what being with God did to Moses…

Exodus 34:29-30 “When Moses came down Mount Sinai carrying the two stone tablets inscribed with the terms of the covenant, he wasn’t aware that his face had become radiant because he had spoken to the LORD. So when Aaron and the people of Israel saw the radiance of Moses’ face, they were afraid to come near him.”

His face was shining! But, where did that light come from?

Have you ever heard of “the glory of the Lord”? Remember when the shepherds were out in the field when Jesus was born in Bethlehem and “the glory of the Lord shown all around them?” (see Luke 2:9).

The glory of the Lord, the radiant light that emanates from His presence, appears to be something to behold. Moses cried out to see it (Exodus 33:18). Peter wished that he could continue to experience it (Matthew 17:14). 

When we read things like this, we come to realize that there is much more of God to enjoy than we are presently experiencing. There is so much more of Him to know (see Philippians 3:10). So much more to enjoy (Psalm 42:1-2).

So, why do we settle so often for lesser things when God Himself is there, inviting us into a deeper fellowship with Him so that we can enjoy Him.

If we cultivate this kind of relationship, while there may not be a physical light that emanates from our faces, there will be a glow. People will be able to see that we’ve been with Jesus (see Acts 4:13).