The Calloway County Homecoming was quite a bit early this year but I’m sure there are reasons that it had to be so.

Before this day began, Kim had to get the mum ready. Around this area of Kentucky (it may also be a ‘thang’ in other places), mums are purchased and carried by the young ladies at Homecoming. So, we took a trip to Paducah last Saturday, Kim shopped at Michaels, and then created a beautiful mum for Emily to carry.

Kim’s creation

Then, of course, we had to get a picture of Sean in his still-almost-new-to-him Mustang as he was about to head to the Murray State Arboretum for pictures.

Can’t believe our second son is a senior!

Kim met Sarah Oliver and her daughter, Emily, at the MSU Arboretum and they took some pre-game pictures. Sean and Emily have been dating for a few months.


I’m glad Kim got this picture. No Mom could love her children more than Kim loves our three boys!


Sean and Emily are posing for a picture as Emily’s brother, Caleb, watches over his sister.


“Smile, you’re on candid camera!”


Pre-game ritual. Gotta love ‘small town’ America that continues to hold onto the values that made are nation strong.


You can see Sean on the line of scrimmage playing defense. He’s in the gray jersey on the 20 yard line in the center of the picture.


So, I didn’t have the team roster – but it was on the back of the guy’s shirt who was sitting in the stands in front of me. What’s a guy to do? I took a picture of the back of his shirt!


Kim, Zach, and Dani in the stands watching the game.


Kim took this picture of Zach and Dani. They’ve been dating for over 5 months. They got to know each other on a Murray State BCM mission trip to Houston and started dating when they got back to Murray. I love that my boys are attracted to women who have an obvious love for the Lord.


Here is one of the post-game pictures. I love my family! (I just wish that I had taken another picture of the Calloway County High School Marching Band half-time show. Joseph, even though he is only in 8th grade, was invited to be a part of the CCHS Marching Band this year and has been doing incredible!)


Sean and Emily after a hard-fought win on the field.


Robert and Ann Brock came from Georgetown, Kentucky to watch the game. It was the connection of these three that started our relationship with the Brock’s so many years ago. It was 17 years ago that I was the Music Minister at Gano Avenue Baptist Church in Georgetown, Kentucky. During that time, Kim and I were involved in teaching a Bible study class and Ann, a member at Gano, volunteered to watch our infant, Sean. We’ve enjoyed their friendship ever since.


I just had to include this last picture! Sean is taller than me now but it certainly wasn’t that way when Sean started playing football. Sean’s love for football began in 2009 when he first started playing with the Hernando Youth League in Brooksville, Florida. This last picture was taken at Citrus High School in Inverness, Florida before one of his games that first year.