On October 17, 2017, I decided to leave my original blog (Blogspot) and begin using WordPress. It seemed that WordPress had more gadgets and a greater ability to be accessed by a wide audience.

I’m glad I made the move. I enjoy writing … but I especially love knowing that my writing is access by people around the world.

(Why am I even writing a post about this? Because I want those who read my blog posts to realize the power of the written word. You, friend, are reading this. You could just as easily create your own blog and begin writing. If you are a Christian, the preached Word isn’t the only way we get the Word of God out to the masses. We can also do it through writing. From the comforts of our living room, we can write something that folks in China, France, and Nigeria will access and read. So, realize that I’m not that good of a writer but people still read my posts. Be encouraged and consider embarking on a writing journey for yourself.)

Here are two screenshots from just two of the items listed on my analytics page from 2018.

This first screen shot simply shows how many views, visitors, likes, and comments my blog had in 2018.


This next screenshot shows the countries (highlighted) who accessed my blog last year. The analytics of WordPress doesn’t allow me to know the individual information of those who read my blog but it does allow my to see what country they read it in.

There were exactly 50 countries that access my blog in 2018. Obviously, the United States access it the most but it was interesting to see the number of times certain countries came back to view posts.


My friend, you could have this kind of influence, too. Just create a free WordPress account and get started. If you need help doing that, simply go to the “Contact the Author” link at the top of this page and shoot me an e-mail. I would be glad to help you.